Safety Tips for Traveling During Busy Travel Times, and Anytime, and When Traveling Alone

travel blog november 26 2014When you are heading out for travel during busy travel times whether it be for a short trip or a long trip, and whether it be in warmer or colder weather, these safety tips from AAA can make for a more pleasurable journey. In some instances, these safety tips can save lives as well:

1.) Make sure that your Vehicle has been Properly Maintained.  If the maintenance is not up to date, then at the least have the tires and vehicle inspected prior to making a long journey;

2.) Map Out your Route. Prepare for road delays such as busy roads, construction, and other instances that may delay or reroute your journey. You may want to leave earlier if you expect delays to reduce the stress of traffic delays;

3.) Keep Valuable Items out of Sight.  If you take items of value with you, then leave these items in your trunk or in another covered area in your vehicle to avoid any theft of your valuable items;

4.) When Traveling with Children Remind them of some Basic Rules of Safety.  If you have children with you when you travel, then be sure to remind them of the rule, “Do Not Talk to Strangers.” Also have them carry a whistle and instruct them to use it if they get separated from the pack; and

5.) Roadside Assistance.  It is very important to have the contact information for road side assistance handy in the case that you have an incident on the road such a flat tire or other break down.