A Trucking Accident in Georgia that Results in the Permanent Scarring of a Young Model’s Face brings a $ 7.5 Million Dollar Settlement for the Victim even though she was charged with DUI and Following Too Closely ~ part one

a-long-truck-1165921-mOn December 1, 2012, Kimberly Love, now age 29, had just left a restaurant off 1-285 after a having breakfast at approximately 5:00 a.m. that followed a night of partying where her and her friends closed down one club before heading to the restaurant for breakfast. When Ms. Love left the restaurant, she was in Clayton County, Georgia near the 1-285 ramp on 1-75 when she crashed into the rear end of a tractor-trailer truck that was owned by Triple Crown Services Co. The case is Love v. Jackson, No. 2013CV02020-6.

The driver of the truck, Mr. Kevin Jackson, had just finishing dropping off the trailer after his shift and was on his way home in the truck at the time of the collision. When police arrived on the scene, Ms. Love was not conscious and was charged with Following Too Closely. After the blood tests from the hospital showed that Ms. Love’s blood alcohol level was .081 the charge of Driving Under the Influence was added to her original charge.