A Fulton County Georgia State Court Judge Awards a Plaintiff a Total of $ 9.6 Million for the Death of her Son from a Gun Shot Wound from a ‘Saturday Night Special’ Pistol

pistol for blog nov 18In the year 2000, a young woman of age 20, Tiffany Hardware, bought a new .38 caliber pistol, also known as a ‘Saturday Night Special’ with the brand of Bryco/Jennings from a pawnshop in Macon, Georgia.  At the time of the purchase, the pawnshop was owned by a man by the name of Ronald Richardson.

After the gun was purchased, Hardware’s friend tried to shoot the weapon, but instead the weapon jammed.  As a result, the young Hardware returned the weapon to the pawnshop owner Richardson. Richardson then attempted to unlock the slide of the pistol that had been locked in place. He was not successful in doing so, however.

Richardson then removed the magazine from the gun and put the gun back into the gun case, gave it back to Hardware, and told her to return to the pawnshop the following Monday for Richardson’s “gun guy” to inspect it. When Richardson placed the gun back into the case, a round of live ammunition was still in the chamber of the gun and, to make matters worse, the gun was cocked.

Later that evening, when Hardware was putting her purse and some other things on a table, she dropped the gun. The gun fired, and it hit her younger brother, Billy Bullard, age 15, in the stomach. The young brother Bullard was rushed to the hospital where he passed away a short while after his arrival at the hospital.

Linda Bullard, the mother of Billy Bullard, filed suit against the pawnshop owner Richardson for negligence in leaving the live round in the the gun after he was unsuccessful in unjamming the weapon. Ultimately, there were a total of three (3) Defendants in the lawsuit including Bruce Jennings who was the owner of the gun manufacturer, Bryco Arms.