In Cobb County, Georgia a young Toddler was Left in a Hot Van for Two (2) Hours while at Day Care; the Driver of said Van was Arrested

thermometer-1209600-mIt is that time of the year when we all get ready for some fun in the sun.  Children are out of school after counting the last days on the calendar until Summer Break. Parents are busy adjusting their work schedules and care for their children during this time, while teachers take a much needed break before returning to school in the Fall with fresh and invigorating teaching ideas.

For some families and individuals, a much needed vacation to a place far, far away is planned or a chance to see distant relatives for a long awaited reunion is occupying our many thoughts. For others, summer is a time to recharge those batteries with a good book and some much deserved relaxation after a year of hustle and bustle.

Each Summer, however, we are reminded about how dangerous and deadly this time of the year can become in the blink of the eye. Last year, for example, our nation mourned as we watched the cameras roll and the fate of a young father unfold before our very eyes while being accused of the death of his two (2) year old son, Cooper, whom the father failed to drop off at day care one morning and instead left him strapped in his car seat in a sweltering hot car that ultimately resulted in little Cooper’s death. Although little Cooper’s death seemed to take most of us by surprise, the evidence showed very quickly that children die in this manner at an alarming rate during the hot summer months every where in this country.