2013 was a Record Year for Fireworks Related Injuries in Georgia with 8 Deaths and 11,400 Injuries; Hoping the Numbers are Down in 2014

fireworks blog july 7 2014Fireworks in 2013 caused 31 percent more injures; 11,400 up from 8,700 in 2012. At least 8 people were killed from injuries or in fires caused by fireworks as follows; notice these aren’t kids who were killed:

?• A male, 33 years old, and a female 49 years old both died in a fire in a building that started by fireworks powder

• A male, 35 years old, died fireworks blew up in his face

• A male, 54 years old, died hold a fireworks tube in his hand at held at chest level to be landed and instead it blew up and tore into his chest

• A man, 46 years old, was making illegal fireworks and died when the fireworks blew up

• A man, 42 years old, tried to light a firework with his cigarette when the firework exploded and he died of a head injury to follow

It is important to note that these are the most injuries since 2005 when there were 10,800 injuries reported, and in 2000 when there were 11,000 injuries reported. 41% of the injuries are from hands and fingers burnt, 19% of the injuries are ears, heads, and faces, with the remaining 20% being other parts of the body or death.

The warning is strong for 2014: Be careful with fire works! “Fireworks – any way you look at it, whether they’re legal or illegal, they’re dangerous if misused,” said Bob Wall, Public Education Manager for Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue. Fireworks are also Festive and Dangerous.

To reduce the possibility of injury or death when using fireworks, there are 5 Fireworks Safety Tips since whether it is Independence Day or any other day, fireworks can be one of the most celebratory, and most dangerous, ways to have some fun. The following are five safety tips for whenever you are around fireworks: