Attention: Attorneys would be wise to Keep Track of their Time in accordance with the Offer of Settlement Statute and a Ruling by the Georgia Supreme Court

legal symbol june 17 blogLast Monday, the Georgia Supreme Court  ruled that if a Party in a lawsuit obtains a verdict in a case where the attorney’s fee is based on a contingency fee, the Court is not bound due to Georgia’s Offer of Settlement Statute to award the Attorney’s fees based solely on the contingency.

Instead, the Supreme Court ruled that the award can be based on how much the attorney actually did work on the case from the date the settlement offer was rejected through the entry of judgment under what is most commonly know as the Offer of Settlement Statute Official Code of Georgia (O.C.G.A.) Section 9-11-68, and this must be a reasonable amount of attorney’s fees.

The Offer of Settlement Statute was adopted by the Legislature in 2005 as part of tort reform with the intent to, in part, encourage negotiations and settlements and avoid unnecessary litigation. The Statue attempted to fulfill it’s intention by setting forth that if a party rejects a settlement but does not fair much better in court, then that party may have to pay the other parties attorney’s fees from the date of the rejection of the offer through the entry of the judgement. Recently, a case came before the Georgia Supreme Court which asked the court to address, in part, the Offer of Settlement Statute.

The case is Couch v. Georgia Department of Corrections.  In this case, an inmate was injured and filed a lawsuit. In 2007, the Plaintiff made an offer to settle the case for $ 24,000.00. The Defendant, however, failed to respond to the offer which, under O.C.G.A. Section 9-11-68 (c), resulted in a rejection of the offer. The Plaintiff, after over a year, had a trial, and then an appeal, in which he was ultimately awarded $ 123,855.65 for his injuries including post judgement interest and cost courts plus $ 49,542 in attorneys fees which was 40% based on his contingency fee arrangement.