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What do I do if my Long Term Disability Insurance Claim is denied?

This is a very unfortunate event, and it happens too often. We are here to help, fortunately. You may contact us directly at 770-865-8654 to discuss the details of your situation, and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

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Thank you for a wonderful 2016, and here are some great new additions to serve you better in 2017!

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What is the Value of Never being able to Eat Solid Foods for the Rest of Your Life? This Clayton County, Georgia, State Court Jury decides it is Worth more than Nothing which is what the Defense Offered in this Medical Malpractice Case.

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In Cobb County, Georgia a young Toddler was Left in a Hot Van for Two (2) Hours while at Day Care; the Driver of said Van was Arrested

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In Atlanta, Georgia an Automobile Accident involving at least one (1) Drunk Driver that caused the Wrongful Death of a young lady settles out of court and prior to trial for over $ 4.3 Million Dollars

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